Eliminate New Patient No Shows To Zero

I would like to think that came up with this idea on my own, but unfortunately I didn’t.  I call it the Dr. Rama and every dentist on the planet should implement this, especially if your are paying big bucks for your dental marketing.

I have two little girls one is 4 years old and the other is 6 years old.  My 4 year old has great teeth and we haven’t had to do any work, but my 6 year old has already had 4 caps put on her teeth.  When we first realized my 6 year old had some problems with her teeth we immediately went to Google and found a great pediatric dentist.  This is where Dr. Rama comes into play (full disclosures I do not work with Dr. Rama at this point).

We called and scheduled an appointment for our daughter to come in and see Dr. Rama.  That afternoon/evening Dr. Rama personally called my wife asking if she had any questions prior to her appointment.  The conversation lasted less then 30 seconds and that phone call guaranteed that we would not miss our appointment with Dr Rama.

Dr. Rama actually takes this one step further and this is why I would refer her to anyone I know.

My 6 year old had to have quite a bit of work done to get her back on track.  After every single procedure Dr. Rama personally called my wife the same day and asked how my daughter was doing and if she had any questions.

If you really want to experience explosive growth at your practice these are the types of things that you should implement.

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